Russian Women

OK, we admit it.  We love Russian women most of all.  What’s not to love?  Meeting these incredible women was one of our favorite parts of visiting Russia and one of the reasons we keep going back.  For those of you thinking about visiting soon, here are a few wonderful examples of some of our favorite Russian ladies. 

Natalia Vodianova – the Richest Russian Model
Russian model Natalia Vodianova earned $8.6 million US Dollars in 2012, and comparable amounts most years since.  She started modeling at the age of 15 and reminds us of dozens of the beautiful young women we encountered running around Moscow when we were there.  She’s just got that classic Russian look and vibe.  But we’re pretty sure most of the nice young ladies we met have never earned north of $8 million in a year.

Sasha Pivovarova
Sasha Pivovarova may be best known for her 6 consecutive season run with Prada. But we fell in love with her when we saw, what was probably our favorite commercial of the year, while we were in Russia.  Here’s a fun fact: not only is she absolutely adorable, but she paints too. We’re told she also is an ace with a rifle.

Anna Selezneva
Wow.  Anna Selezneva’s modeling career started in a place that has nothing in common with fashion. The Russian model was first discovered a McDonald’s restaurant.  That was one lucky talent scout who ran into Anna at that McDonalds. And one lucky Anna too.  We’re pretty sure, in the talent scout’s mind’s eye, everything else went black and god shined a giant spotlight on right Anna when that scout crossed her path.  We’re no professional talent scouts, but we’re pretty sure we would have spotted her too.

Maria Sharapova: Tennis Player / Model
Maria Sharapova is one of our favorite people out of Russia.  She started playing tennis at age 4 and moved to the U.S. at the age of 7.  But, even so,  how could we ever forget her Russian heritage?  By the way, how do you say: “4 grand slam titles” in Russian?  Not only beautiful and talented on the tennis court, but what a sweet girl.  Check out this montage to see what we mean.  More info on Maria Sharapova