We have observed that many Russian folks have a similar sense of humor as Americans. To see if you agree, we curated some of our favorite hilarious (and underappreciated) Russian videos. We hope you like them as much as we do!

Street Mentor: Gotta Love the Dash Camera
We’re not entirely sure why the Dash Camera is so popular in Russia, but not so popular anywhere else we’ve travelled.  Perhaps the Dash Cam’s popularity is correlated with the kinds of, sometimes quite aggressive, behavior that the Dash Cam captures in any particular region.  In this Dash Cam video, a quite muscular Street Mentor, with a boxer’s bounce in his step, stops his car in traffic to land a few punches on some poor sap in the car behind him.  But wait there’s more: Street Mentor stops when the person two cars back shows his gun and tells Street Mentor to keep traffic moving.  The video alone is good.  But with the Annotation Bubbles, it’s priceless.  So turn those annotation bubbles on and enjoy!

Let’s Take this Concert on the Road
When someone says “hey let’s take this show on the road”, it typically means playing in different venues, bars, and concert halls, perhaps around different cities.  Well, in Russia, this expression is apparently taken a bit more literally sometimes.  This group of goofballs packs a 3 piece band (including drums!) onto some sort of moving motorcycle-outdoor-stage contraption and drives down the highway playing heavy rock music while driving 60 miles an hour.  No, they are definitely not wearing seat belts.  More info on Russian Music

Then the Beat Drops
Let’s say you’re tired and you just want to go home. Your friends take you for a ride home and then the beat drops.  I’m not sure why we LOVE this video.  But we do… we really really do.  This video just kinda makes you feel like you’re right in the car partying along side these characters. More info on Russian Partying and Alcohol

Don’t Mess with the Russian Rats
Who do you think would win in a battle between 6 cats versus 1 rat?  No brainer, right?  Well, like we’ve said a few times.  Things are sometimes a little different in Russia.  This video verges on shocking.  Our suspicion is that the nearby Chernobyl nuclear reactor might have given the local rats super powers….