We observed on our travels that people in Russia are entertained by many of the same things as Americans: Beatboxing, lLash Mobs, Meteors, Beyonce and death defying World Records. In this section, we have assembled what think are several of the most entertaining, but underappreciated, Russian videos. Enjoy!

Masta Mic’s DNB Beatbox
The Eastern Europeans do looooove their beatboxing and the best of them have developed world class skills.  Yes, all those sounds are coming from Masta Mic’s mouth in the first half.  In the second half, he busts out the Korg for some loop sampling.  We freely admit that we are still salivating from the skills exhibited in the first half.  More importantly, is it just us, or does Masta Mic look a heckuva lot like Justin Timberlake?  Has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

Isn’t it a Little Cold for a Flash Mob?
It’s definitely too cold for us to participate in this particular Flashmob.  (Florida sounds like a much better location to us.)  But, hey, if we get to watch a first class flash mob on Youtube in our pajamas, while the participants are all wearing ski jackets, what do we care?  The second best part of this flash mob?  It looks like it was put together as part of an elaborate wedding celebration.  The best part?  The title. We’ll translate it for you: it’s called “Putin on the Ritz”  We wonder if Mr. Putin has checked it out.  More info on Vladamir Putin

Meteor Hits Russia
Imagine you were driving in the snowy Urals region of Russia minding your own business and a meteor rains down molton hot debris all around you.  What would you be thinking?  We’d be thinking — thank god we have this awesome dashboard camera!!  Here’s a compilation of all the dudes with awesome Russian cameras on their dashboard who were driving in the Urals that morning and were kind enough to share!  More info on Russian Meteor Events!

Who Runs the World?
Beyonce’s girl-power song “Girls” inspired this video by a group of Russian choreographers.  We’re not sure what the budget was, but they sure stretched it — we count at least 4 locations.  One thing we definitely enjoyed was watching these girls kick some butt.

Local Records in Russia
135 people jumped off a bridge in Russia in attempt to make a world record. We’re not sure if they got it, but it sure does look like fun!

The Russian Ghetto Workout
There is a new type of workout in Russia. We don’t know if their gyms are full or they just love the fresh air of outdoors, but the “ghetto workout” is definitely catchin on.  This dude is jacked and that crap looks really hard.  We’ll stick to doing 2 sets a month of our 5 pound dumb bells. . .