Local Entertainment

Les Miserables Cast Flash-Mob in Poland
Ever seen Professionals do a Flash Mob? Here is the Polish cast of “Les Miserables” in Warsaw doing their rendition of a vocal flash mob at a mall with the song “One More Day”. It’s pretty neat and we have to say: what a clever way to promote an event and interact with the public in a fun way!

Red Hot Chili Peppers in Poland?
You probably know that Polish people love great music. But did you know that they love the Red Hot Chili Peppers? Here is a full 2 hour concert that is really intense for the Chilis. There is a ton of “jamming” where they are improvising musically instead of just playing their favorite songs. (Don’t worry – Flea has his shirt off as usual!) Take particular note of how much the crowd in Poland resembles a crowd you might see in upstate New York.

Poland Won the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2008
The Polish love dancing and have produced many world class dancers. In 2008, the Polish team won the Eurovision Dance Contest. Make sure you watch far enough because it gets pretty great around 1:00 when they break out the Michael Jackson track. Check out the performance.