Official Polish Invitation Video
Here’s a 1 minute official video summarizing some of the many reason and beautiful things that should bring you to Poland to visit.  We like the happy background music — and we’re having trouble getting it out of our head. If you are on the fence about visiting Poland, this is definitely worth 1 minute of your time.  More info on the best background music ever

The Brave Fighters of Poland
Poland suffered greatly during WWII.  Poland didn’t put up much of a fight against the Germans initially, but there was one extremely famous rebellion against the Nazi overlords called the Warsaw Uprising.  On the 1st of August, the Polish pay homage to the fallen heroes from the Warsaw Uprising. They stop whatever they are doing to pay respect.  This is a beautiful video summarizing that tradition.  More info on the Warsaw Uprising

The Animated History of Poland
Here is a fantastic animation video about Poland’s History.  It was posted by an official Polish government agency.  We don’t know enough about the details of Poland’s history through the centuries to opine on how accurate it is or even on exactly what each scene should represent.  But we can say that the animation is incredible.  Our favorite part: the WWII animation starting around 6 minutes.