Spiderman in Poland
Did you know that Spiderman originated from Poland? We didn’t either. Actually, he isn’t. But this stunt is famous in Poland making the national news — probably because it’s bloody hilarious. Basically, Polish Spidey here pulls some crazy antics including hanging off of a train and spraying an unsuspecting beach cop with silly string — something we are certain would get Spidey 5 to 10 years in NYC. But writing about it doesn’t do it justice — the brilliance is in the performance. But the best part, without question, is the reaction of all of the civilians are were obviously not warned about the joke in advance, but do seem both curious and quite appreciative! Watch for them on the wider pan outs.

“Pale Kid” – Fast Rapping in Poland
As known Youtube Video connoisseurs, our Polish friends introduced us to Pale Kid on our last trip over. This is our favorite video of his – we especially love the beginning while he is doing dishes. If you have a Youtube account you have likely already heard of Watsky, the super fast rapper. Well, “Pale Kid” from Poland has the same gift. But we love the artistry and hilarity of him rapping that fast while he does random other things like – doing dishes, surfing Youtube, and beating eggs. Wait for the twist on the mic drop at the end. Genius!  More info on Polish Music

Best Stadium Jumpers Ever
You know the classic move you’ve seen hundreds of times at sporting events where a few young punks jump out onto the stadium and run around for about 15 seconds before they get cuffed and dragged away. Well, this is the best version of that we have ever seen and it is all caught on video, slowed down, and set to music. Right in Poland’s national stadium in the middle of a rainy day soccer match — yes, they do make great use of the rain. Highly recommended.  More info on Polish Football Scandals