Local Entertainment

Czech Beatboxing
En Dru is good.  Probably the best in the Czech Republic.  We saw him on our last trip.  We still can’t figure out how the heck he does the drums, the bassline and the melody simultaneously with his mouth?  We can’t even begin to comprehend how this is possible.  Here he gives a few examples of some of the different styles of beatboxing.  Michael Jackson anyone?.

White Sensation in Prague
In 2010, the White Sensation party took place in Prague.  We weren’t in town at the time, but we heard from our friends that people flew in from around the world and it was one of the best global White Sensation parties ever.  More info on White Sensation

Thousands of Czechs at the Metallica Concert
Would you have guessed that the Czechs love Metallica as much as Americans?  We had no idea until our friend Janco showed us his collection — he had every album, knew every lyric, and enjoyed Metallica trivia even more than we did.  Here’s some footage from the July 2012 Prague concert.

Dinosaurs in Prague
On our last trip to Prague, our friend Edvar took us to this incredible Jurassic-park like “Dino Park”.  The realistic, life size dinosaurs are eerily realistic — and they move too!  Check it out.