We love the Czech sense of humor.  Relative to the Russian sense of humor, we find the Czech sense of humor a bit less Johnny Knoxville, and a bit more Adam Sandler.  Here’s some great examples of Czech humor that cracks us up.

Chuck Norris and TMobile – Part 1
OK, we’re not ashamed to admit it.  We absolutely LOVE all things Chuck Norris.  Here’s a fun piece of Chuck Norris trivia. Did you know that he made a highly acclaimed commercial for T-Mobile in the Czech Republic?  Next question: why does everything Chuck touches turn to pure gold? Watch the master at work.

Chuck Norris and TMobile – Part 2
Is it just us or is Chuck still the coolest guy around even when he is totally making fun of himself — and pimping himself out to foreign telecom giants to boot?  Our dream is that one day we will be 0.1% as cool as Chuck.

Czech Republic’s President Stealing a Pen
Vaclav Klaus, the president of the Czech Republic has a thing for pens. Big deal. Well, at a Chilean Conference in 2013, he got busted on television stealing a pen. Watch closely as he meticulously and methodically takes the pen out of the box into his left hand, moves it to his right hand, puts it in his right pocket, and then buttons up his jacket and closes the pen box as though nothing has happened — and all while maintaining perfect eye contact with the audience! It’s such perfect 10/10 exectution, we’re quite sure he’s used this move a few times before. Check it out! More info on Mr. Vaclav Klaus

 “Jozin z bazin” by Ivan Mladek
Ivan Mladek is one of the great, classic Czech comedians.  A friend introduced us to his bizarre brand of catchy musical humor one Friday night after too much wine and we were hooked.  This particular musical comedy number is about Jozin Bazin (Joey from the swamps), a mysterious maneating monster who is eventually defeated with a cropduster.  It’s bizarre, hilarious, and shockingly catchy.

Czech Bike Riders Take Their Crashes Seriously
No double about it, people love crashes.  One thing we noticed on our last trip to the Czech republic is the unique enthusiasm for BMX biking.  What we didn’t fully appreciate until we went riding with one of our Czech friends is that they view the crashes as being at least half of the fun!