Czech Women

Czech women are absolutely wonderful, and known the world over for being so.  Here’s a few semi-famous examples of the sorts of incredible women that we met on our multiple trips to the Czech Republic.  Book a flight in summer – it’s magical!

Petra Nemcova Magazine Photo Shoot
Men and women will be amazed watching Petra confidently strut her style for the camera.  Is it just us, or do you think Petra’s facial expressions suggest she might be a distant relation of Scarlett Johansson? Whether you agree with that or not, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few guys out there decided to up and move to the Czech Republic after checking out this video.

Sarka Cojocarova, Miss Czech Republic 2012
Beauty pageants are a favorite pasttime of men and women around the world.  In 2012, Sarka Cojocarova deservedly took home the crown for Miss Czech Republic.  After seeing what a sweetheart she is, we think you will agree that it was not an especially difficult decision. She has a clear passion for the local environment, as should we all.

Tatana Kucharova
Possibly the most famous Czech model of the last decade, this elite Czech beauty was Miss Universe 2006.  We think you’ll enjoy seeing her highlight reel. Heckuva career. And she looks fabulous in absolutely everything, and while doing anything – whether wearing a tiara or just hanging out.

Helena Houdova in the Fashion TV Calendar
We like Fashion Calendars.  We especially like any Fashion TV Calendar featuring Helena Houdova.  We assume you agree. And how about that gold-plated backdrop? Maybe it’s a Trump hotel?

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