Ode to Joy in Croatia
Some of our favorite european landscapes were in Croatia. This really well done video made by Croatia’s tourism board does a spectacular job of highlighting many of them, and in so doing, brings us right back there.  We’re pretty sure Beethoven wasn’t Croatian, but we’re guessing this video wouldn’t work so well without Beethoven’s 9th.  Watch for the cello on the train – we’re still confused!!

Best Beach in Croatia
Croatia has more than it’s share of beaches where the sand is hot and the water is calm, clear, and beautiful. When traveling, you have a ton of great beach options.  But here is one gem to keep in mind: its Pasjacha beach near the village Popovici (in the south of the Dubrovnik region). It’s not the easiest to get to, but it’s worth the effort.

The Beautiful Makarska Riviera
Next time you go to Croatia, you must spend some time swimming in the Makarska Riviera.  It’s a magical relaxing piece of the old world filled with quiet, intimate beaches, old world charm, and local townspeople. We loved it.  This video does a pretty good job of capturing it’s magic. Check it out for yourself.

The Croatian Tuscany
Istria, Croatia is sometimes referred to as the Croatian Tuscany.  This video probably captures 90% of its magnificence. Truly stunning old world charm, and ultra romantic.

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