Local Entertainment

Summer Beach Music Festivals
There are a lot of great events on Croatian beaches all year long.  But in the summer, things really pick up and the partying gets world class.  For example, check out this compilation from the Summer of 2012.  We can’t wait to go back!.

One-Man-Band in Croatia
We saw Cigo Man Band on our last trip to Rijeka.  If you ever go, make sure to look him up.  We’ve seen one man bands around the world, and CMB can compete with the best of them.  And this song is pretty catch too.  Check him out.

The Bottle Musician
When we saw the Bottle Guy in Dubrovnik, we couldn’t believe it.  We have never in our lives seen anyone play wine bottles and soda bottles in such viruoso fashion.  It’s worth seeing for yourself.

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