Elections in Croatia
You find the funniest things on Youtube. We discovered this gentleman on our recent trip.  Here is his outstandingly funny rant about the Croatian Elections in 2011. With an Ali G type style, he is nice enough to explain how things are done in Croatia. We suspect he’s exaggerating a bit, but it’s still awfully entertaining.  Why no shirt?  We have no idea.  But we think you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

A few choice quotes: “She’s Kinda like the Croatian Hitler.” It’s not a bad description actually once our man starts translating their website. He suggests you vote for them if you like those little nose brush moustaches. His description of the other party: “They just want more weed up in here.” Vote for them if you want Croatia to be a little more woodstock and a little less 4th reich.
More info on Croatian political corruption

Croatians Know How to Celebrate Easter
Holy moly Batman.  We didn’t know this until we got to Croatia, but we quickly learned that there is a small segment of Croatians that like to blow up random things as a form of celebration. Kind of like fireworks you say? Sorta, but not exactly…  Apparently it’s been a tradition in certain parts of Croatia since the invention of gunpowder thousands of years ago.  The explosions aren’t designed to hurt anyone of course, just to do a little property damage and have a few communal laughs.  But we suggest you wear a helmet and stand back 300 feet.  More info on Religion in Croatia

Have You Seen this Construction Worker
Working in constructions is really hard work. It’s even harder if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here’s a funny video from Croatia that demonstrates how one genius was using his power tools.  We suspect from the background laughing that they are just playing around with us, but we think it’s pretty hilarious.