Croatian Women

Some consider the people of Croatia to be among the most beautiful people in the world.  This is true of both the men and the women. It struck us like a ton of bricks on both our visits.  In case you are planning your first visit, or in case you want to reminisce, we’ve tried to give you a sense of the beauty of the Croatian people.  We can only hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Meet Tatjana Dragovic
When in Croatia, we know you’ll admire the landscapes everywhere you go.  If you’re lucky, you may have a chance to admire the villas on the coast where beautiful models occasionally do a photo shoot. In case you missed this one of Croatian model Tatjana Dragovic, don’t worry: we got it on video for you. Apparently, in addition to modeling, she has 130 IQ, swears like a trucker, and can beat you at pool.

Close Contact with Helena Sopar
This beautiful Croatian model has a thing for punching people in the face. Helena Sopar worked for Claire, Elle, Bazaar, Glamour and even Cosmopolitan. In this photo shoot she’s having fun in the ring, boxing. I don’t know about you, but we would be willing to undergo some one on one time with Helena, even if it’s in the ring. Pretty sure we’d lose though.

Vanja Rupena is a Beauty
If you’re a fan of models of the adorable variety, you’ll want to check out Vanja Rupena, Miss Croatia 1996. She’s been on the cover of Elle magazine several times and here you can check out one of her classic photo shoots. Also, how sick is that pool and backdrop? Sadly, you won’t find this particular pool in the tourist guidebooks, but some of the hotels capture of similar vibe.

More Famous Croatian Women

Croatia may be one of the smaller member states of the European Union, but it has a strong culture that has managed to produce a number of influential women, including athletes, models, and actresses.

World Cup alpine ski racer Ana Jelusic was born in Rijeka, Croatia. Ana was the youngest person to compete in the 2002 Winter Olympics when she took on the slalom at the young age of 15. While she did not win, she was a runner up in 2007 at the World Cup slalom race and then at the Sweden 2007 World Championships was able to come in fourth in the slalom.

Mid-ninteeth century American ballerina Mia Slavenska was born Mia Corak, but changed her name when she left Croatia to advance a career in ballet. x

While still living in Croatia, Mia was made the Zagreb Opera prima ballerina when she was only 17. She soon left Croatia for Paris and Monte Carlo until after World War II when she starred in a film and eventually was able to become an American citizen.

The entrepreneurial Mia landed in Hollywood and founded her own company called the Ballet Variante. She is best known for her role as Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire in the Valerie Bettis adaptation. In 1954 Mia achieved a lifetime goal when she became the prima ballerina with the New York Metropolitan Opera. Not one to settle down, she chose to open a ballet studio in 1960 in New York and then moved to LA to teach ballet at UCLA and CalArts.

Actress Mira Fulan who many would probably recognize as Danielle from Lost is also of Croatian ancestry. In addition to her lead role in Lost, she also played the Minbari Ambassador Delenn on Babylon 5. Mira was born into an academic family in Croatia but chose to pursue a degree in the Dramatic Arts.